Student Orientations

If you are interested in doing a Master or Bachelor thesis with me, I would advise you to read about the projects I am currently working on and my recently published papers, and then contact me. When contacting me, please send me your student records and a draft of the idea you want to develop for your thesis. Master Students Ongoing

  • Ricardo Almeida. Learning Actions With a Robot Through Emotional Feedback. Started: 2017. Universidade de Pernambuco.

Oak Grove Concluded

  • Erik Flißwasser. A Unified Facial Recognition System with Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks. 2018. Universität Hamburg.
  • Jonas Papmeier. An Unsupervised Hybrid Neural Network for Novelty Detection in Acoustic Event Detection.2018. Universität Hamburg.
  • Ahmed Elshinawi. Multi-attribute Face Generation Using Conditional Boundary Equilibrium Generative Adversarial Networks.2018. Universität Hamburg.
  • Nikhil Churamani. Modelling Affect Core for Social Robot Interaction. Started: 2018. Universität Hamburg.
  • Ingryd Vanessa. Semi-Supervised Learning of Emotion Expressions in Speech. Started: 2018. Universidade de Pernambuco
  • Janderson Borges. Integrating Emotional Concepts into SLAM. 2018. Universidade de Pernambuco.
  • Tiago Alves. Reconhecimento de Quedas com uma Rede Convolucional Treinada com Aprendizagem por Refor??o. 2017. Universidade de Pernambuco.
  • Nourhan Elfaramawy. Emotion Recognition from Body Expressions with a Recurrent Self-Organizing Neural Architecture. 2016. Universität Hamburg.
  • Iris Wieser. Towards Understanding Auditory Representations in Emotional Expressions. 2016. Universität Hamburg.
  • Nima Mousavi. Deep Neural Representation Analisys Through Hierarchical Visualization. 2015. Universität Hamburg.
  • Eleni Tsironi. Gesture Recognition with a Convolutional Long Short Term Memory Recurrent Neural Network. 2015. Universität Hamburg.

Bachelor Students



  • Klaas Degkwitz. Supplementation of Training Data for a Robotic Arm using a Parameterized Generative Neural Network. 2019. Universität Hamburg.
  • Lasse Westphal.  Attention-based Image Captioning with Recurrent Neural Networks. 2019. Universität Hamburg.
  • Timo Kreuzer. Robots on the Move: An Evaluation of the Combination of Deictic Gesture Interface and Object Recognition with the NICO Robot. 2019. Universität Hamburg.
  • Merlin Sewina. Affective Scene Descriptions. 2018. Universität Hamburg.
  • Vadym Gryshchuk. Active Object Learning With a Humanoid Robot. 2018. Universität Hamburg.
  • Alexandra Lindt. Facial Expression Editing Using Conditional Adversarial Autoencoder. 2018. Universität Hamburg.
  • Bastian Thiede. P300 Classification in EEG Signals Using Ladder Networks. 2017. Universität Hamburg.
  • Daniel Speck. Ball Tracking for RoboCup Soccer Using Deep Neural Networks. 2016. Universität Hamburg.
  • Paulo César Florentino Marques. Sistema de visão computacional estereoscópica aplicado a robótica móvel para reconhecimento e localização de objetos. 2014. Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco.
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